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Nutricosmetics: what is it?
Creams, serums, make-up,… Those are cosmetics we know well and pile up in our bathroom. A new generation of products is emerging and enjoys a great success yet. This is nutricosmetics. But what exactly does that mean?
Where does the word "nutricosmetics" come from ?

It concerns a new generation of beauty products which has an effect from inside the body in order to enhance the external appearance of the skin. This word results from the contraction of   “nutrition” and “cosmetics”.

The concept of nutricosmetics is to absorb orally – not topical application –  active ingredients, minerals and nutrients that aim to improve skin nutrition in depth. It can also have strengthening effects on nails and hair.

Creams, in particular due to regulations, are forced to act only on the upper part of skin. Topical skincare products have no effect beyond dermis superficial layers given that they are not allowed to get through. That is precisely the benefit of nutricosmetics.

Although the nutricosmetic market is mainly focused on Asia, where it has been an integral part of beauty rituals for centuries, Europe seems to open up more and more to this new way of taking care of your skin.

Why and how does it work ?

With nutricosmetics, we get around the action. Epidermis (the outer and superficial layer of skin) is not the appropriate target for a long-term action. For example, to delay skin ageing, it is not necessary to act on epidermis because these cells are intended for deterioration. Therefore, it is required to act more in depth, on dermis and hypoderm, that is to say in the heart of skin.

By giving our skin the active ingredients it needs, we sublime it from the inside, and in a sustainable way. These active ingredients transit through the digestive tract. They are absorbed into the intestine and then circulate thanks to carriers. They allow the passage of several molecules (vitamins, amino acids, etc.) which get together to be absorbed by blood.

Once the molecules have passed through blood, the nutrients circulate throughout the body, which is responsible for smart and balanced distribution. Nutricosmetics works wherever the skin or scalp need help.

However, it is important to keep in mind that, as food supplements, the effects are not immediate but appear after a few days. Nutricosmetics has a longer-term efficacy.

What are the results ?

By choosing to provide cells of dermis and hypodermis the nutrients and the active ingredients they need in order to produce essential molecules for skin wellness, nutricosmetics offer a deep and focused action.

In this way, with the supply of collagen for example or active ingredients which stimulate natural production of collagen, nutricosmetics promises a firmer skin, which will also be softer, more luminous and better protected against external aggressions.

How to adopt nutricosmetics?

Similar to food supplements, nutricosmetic products are in the form of capsules, tablets or drinking vials. Convenient and easy to absorb, cures are perfect for people who lack time and want to take care of their skin without inconvenience. But it does not mean that they replace your favorite beauty products, on the contrary. Indeed, nutricosmetics complement and increase the effects of topical care. The nutricosmetic routine can be easily installed in the daily life because it allows, with little effort, to obtain visible results on the skin. This is now a certainty, cosmetics are not applied only on the skin anymore, they can be drunk!

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