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Keratin: what is it?
Keratin, you have probably heard of it already. However what are the outstanding characteristics of this super-ingredient for hair?
Masks, conditioners, shampoos… In recent years, keratin has taken over the market of hair products. You may have already used a keratin treatment yourself for your hair, but do you know where this ingredient comes from and what are its properties? Is keratin natural?

What is keratin?

Keratin is a natural protein that represents 95% of the hair composition. Keratin is produced in cells called keratinocytes in the epidermis(skin), hair and nails. It gives the hair its elasticity, strength and brilliance.

To better understand keratin, it is necessary to know that our hair consists of 3 concentric layers of keratin, from the outside to the inside: the cuticle, the cortex and the marrow.

The cuticle is the outermost layer. It protects the hair fiber from aggressions such as UV rays, seawater, limestone… It is made of scales stacked like tiles. Between the scales, there are ceramides. They are oily substances made up mainly of essential fatty acids. They seal the scales together and maintain a good level of hydration by trapping water.

The cortex is the most robust part of the hair. It represents about 90% of its total weight.

Finally, the marrow is like a large tube, in the center of the capillary fiber.


the vitality of keratin – and therefore the health of the hair – depends on several internal and external factors, such as the quality of nutrition, hormonal variations and stress. These elements can disrupt growth and cause hair loss.


The properties of keratin

One of the most important properties of keratin is that it makes the hair elastic. This is essential because, without it, the hair would break at the slightest traction. The keratin molecule has a twisted helical structure and acts as a spring. A hair should be able to stretch when pulled and return to its normal size when released.

As you will have understood, keratin gives hair its resistance. Did you know that theoretically, a hair of 100,000 hairs could support a weight of one ton?

Keratin is also malleable. This is why it is possible to straighten curly hair or, on the contrary, to curl straight hair. Similarly, you may have noticed that your hair is straighter when wet but returns to its natural shape when dry.

There are more permanent techniques to modify the shape of the hair such as Brazilian straightening, made with keratin. But be careful, avoid products that contain formaldehyde (carcinogenic).

Keratin and genetics

Why do we have straight, curly or frizzy hair? Blond, brown or brown? Well, the characteristics of keratin are inherited. Keratin will be more or less flexible and thick depending on ethnic origin. For example, African hair is generally thick and very flexible, so it tends to curl, while Caucasian hair is thinner and often straight or wavy.

As for hair color, it is determined by melanin (yes, as for skin!). Melanin is a brown pigment made in cells called “melanocytes”. It is absorbed by the keratinocytes and is therefore found in the keratin of the hair when it grows. If they are more or less dark depending on the person, the reason is again genetic.


Why is my hair dull?

On healthy keratin, the scales of the cuticle (outer layer) are closed. They are only supposed to open occasionally, to absorb water or under the effect of certain coloring products. If the scales are well welded together, it is their flat, smooth surface that will reflect the light and make your hair shine with a thousand lights! When the hair is damaged, the keratin is damaged and the scales are open in some places, making the surface rough.


A keratin cure to strengthen the hair

With age, keratin production in the body decreases. The hair then becomes more fragile, brittle and less voluminous. Using keratin-based topical care can help improve hair health, but we advise you to optimize the results by taking care of yourself inside!

At Florêve Paris, FLORÊVE (IN) YOUTH Natural Anti-Hair Loss Treatment With Keratin  in the form of drinkable ampoules contains pure keratin that is among the closest to that of humans and rich in amino acids. It is made bio-assimilable thanks to a patented extraction process that allows better absorption, for a long-lasting action in depth.


And you, did you know keratin? Have you ever tested an oral keratin treatment? If not yet, just try!

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